Nextra Tech Launches Platform to Lead Sustainable Technology

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Nextra Tech Acquisition Platform for IT Asset Disposition, Refurbishment, Repair, and Remarketing Will Revolutionize the Technology Life Cycle for a Sustainable Future

Denville, NJ February 5, 2024 – Nextra Tech, founded by technology life cycle industry veteran Paul Baum, CEO of PlanITROI, launched today. Nextra Tech redefines how businesses approach IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), Refurbishment, Trade-In, Repair, Reverse Logistics, Returns Management, and Asset Recovery Services with ESG reporting. Nextra Tech is a collective platform of the industry’s leading Life Cycle Technology specialists who share best-in-class services to solve complex global technology life cycle issues, offering unparalleled growth opportunities for their businesses while tackling pressing sustainability and circular economy challenges with ESG impact.

A Unified Vision for Empowering the Next User

The Nextra Tech Platform combines the expertise and resources of top providers to catalyze a shift towards more sustainable practices within the technology sector. This collaborative approach enhances the life cycle of technology assets by promoting a circular economy, reducing waste through reuse, and providing refurbished recertified devices to the next user through major retailers as affordable technology.

Transforming the Future of Technology with Shared Innovation

“In launching Nextra Tech, we’re building an acquisition platform company that will redefine the entire technology life cycle industry,” said Paul Baum, Founder and CEO of PlanITROI and Nextra Tech. “This platform is a game-changer for business owners looking to amplify their impact and achieve an unparalleled growth strategy to someday exit on top. By joining forces with Nextra Tech, we’re offering a pathway to elevate their business to new heights while leaving their legacy intact. Our strategic acquisitions are designed to empower our partners, providing them with the unique opportunity to be part of something that’s much larger than any one of us individually could achieve. Together, we’re setting new standards and shaping the future of a sustainable life cycle technology industry.”

The Gateway to Exponential Growth

Nextra Tech’s acquisition strategy targets businesses aligned with our core values, mission, and vision for innovation and sustainability in the technology life cycle sector. We carefully evaluate potential partners for leadership alignment, stable supply chains from first users, and solid financial health, including strong gross margins and minimal debt, ensuring a seamless fit into our platform ecosystem. Visit for more information on joining the Nextra Tech Platform.

About PlanITROI, Inc

The leading technology life cycle platform company behind Nextra Tech, PlanITROI is a top provider of secure, purpose-driven IT life cycle management solutions. This includes comprehensive end-to-end ITAD asset value recovery services, reverse logistics solutions, data security, and real-time transparent reporting and analytics. As a long-term, trusted partner to global corporations, educational institutions, device OEMs, and non-profits, PlanITROI leverages the circular economy to bring affordable technology to lower income families, students, and businesses, bridging the digital divide so they can learn and earn. PlanITROI’s 100% data secure approach helps organizations achieve critical Environmental Social Governance (ESG) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals while recovering the highest possible value for their assets. For more information, please visit

About Nextra Tech

Nextra Tech is a transformative platform company dedicated to reshaping the technology life cycle industry through strategic acquisitions and innovation. With a focus on sustainability, Nextra Tech unites leading businesses to create a more efficient, environmentally responsible, and sustainable approach to IT Asset Disposition, Refurbishment, Repair, Asset Recovery Services. Founded by industry veteran Paul Baum, Nextra Tech leverages collective expertise and resources to drive growth, operational excellence, and positive societal impact. By championing the principles of the circular economy, Nextra Tech is committed to extending the lifespan of technology assets through reuse, reducing e-waste, and making technology more accessible and affordable to the next user. Our mission is to build a global platform that not only leads in the Life Cycle Solutions industry but also sets new standards for ethical and sustainable business practices.

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